Mummy, I Bored

told to Tina Blue by Julie Lewis
March 24, 2002

    Recently I posted a story about Julie Lewis's son Oliver and his tea party for his toys ("Po Can Wear It").  Oliver is a one-child "kids say the darndest things" machine!  Recently, Julie says,
she and Oliver  were on their way to the supermarket when  he announced, "Mummy, I bored."

    Julie asked him why he was bored and he said, "I bored for food."  She asked him if he meant he was hungry and he said, "Yes, I hungy.  I hungy for food."

    "Now," says Julie, " I understand why the day before when he said he was bored he got into a strop when I offered to play cards with him!"

    Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go to the kitchen.  I am sooo bored.

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