I See It!

by Tina Blue
February 2, 2003

          I have described the incredible level of verbal skill my daughter Becky achieved by the time she was just eighteen months old.  When a child that young is able to say what is going on inside her radically inexperienced little mind, you sometimes hear some very strange--and very cute--things.

          Becky was just 21 months old when I moved out of the house and into my own apartment, because my kids' father and I were getting divorced.  We were going to have shared custody, but as he would have his soon-to-be new wife's three-year-old child as well as their soon-to-be-born baby to house all the time, in addition to our two children when they were with him, we decided that he needed a big house more than I did.  Besides, I was not going to be able to afford the upkeep on a house like that.

          My two kids were very excited about my new apartment.  To them it just meant there would be an extra home to play in.  They loved to go with me when I moved stuff over there and "help" me organize the place.

          One night before the final move, when the kids and I were back at the house getting ready for bed, 21-month-old Becky asked, "Mommy, where's your new department?"

          I pointed toward the northwest corner of the room and said, "It's over in that direction, Honey."

Becky turned in the direction I was pointing and chirped in her lilting little toddler's voice, "I see it!"

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