Po Can Wear It

~told to Tina Blue by Julie Lewis
  March 24, 2002

    My English friend Julie Lewis* tells a story about the time her young son was in the process of preparing a tea-party for his toys, but only "Po" had arrived (the others were coming later, apparently).  Julie asked Oliver if Po was wearing a party dress and he said no.

    He thought a bit, then said, "Po can wear my top from my old house when I was a baby."  Julie said no, Po couldn't wear that, because it was his.  Oliver replied, "Me don't mind.  Me not going to be a baby again.  Po can wear it."

~For another cute Oliver story, see "Mummy, I Bored."
*Julie Lewis has several neat websites you might want to take a look at:

Words of Wit
Scatterbrain Solutions
Tarot Corner
Ghost Shaker

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