by Tina Blue
March 8, 2004

          When my son Michael was just 19 months old, his sister Becky was born.  One day, when Becky was perhaps six weeks old, I was walking around the house with her up against my shoulder, taking care of some chores after having just fed her.  Michael followed along behind us.

          Soon Michael began to exclaim, "Peek, Mommy!  Becky peek!"

          "Yes, Sweetie," I said, "Becky is peeking at you over Mommy's shoulder."

          Michael got even more excited.  "Peek, Mommy, peek!" he said.  And then again, "Peek! Peek!"

          "Yes, yes, she is peeking at you."

          "NO!" Michael cried out in exasperation, "NO! Becky peek!"

          Okay, by now I had figured out he wasn't talking about his little sister's face peeking at him over my shoulder.

          And then it dawned on me.  His 20-month-old pronunciation left something to be desired, but he was doing his darnedest to alert me to the thick stream of baby puke running down my back.

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